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Eight Constitution Medicine (ECM) is a comprehensive system of healing that has been proven effective for over 2500 years.  It is one of the fastest growing health care modalities today.

Why does one get tired after eating a meal? Why is one allergic to a particular food or medication and others are not?  Why does one get angry easily but another is calm from the moment they were born? The answer to these and similar questions is that each person’s make-up (also known as constitution), is different.

Everyone is born with a different constitution based on their genetics and physiology being either like their mother or father, as far as the relative strength and weaknesses of their organs.  People with the same disease or condition react differently to a food or a medication.  This is because of their constitution.

In ECM, a specialized pulse taking technique is used to diagnose your constitution (your make up) to identify what your strengths and weaknesses are (which appear inherently in the organ system, shape, character, personality, etc.).

There are 8 known constitutions: HepatoniaCholecystoniaPancreotoniaGastrotoniaPulmotoniaColonotoniaRenotonia, and Vesicotonia.

Your constitution will dictate what food groups to eat or avoid to help your body to heal itself. By following the right food regimen based on your constitution, you can help strengthen the weak and the deficient, or balance the overactive and the excess condition that you have.

Each constitution’s food intake plan is categorized in 3 groups based on the energetic nature and the effect of the foods on the body as follows

  • Good for You: Foods that are most beneficial for your health. Consuming them balances your organ system.
  • Better to Avoid: Food that you should eat in moderation and rarely, and  should not be a large portion of any meal.
  • Bad for You: Foods that are harmful to your well- being, and contribute to your illness.

If you do not know what your Constitution is, contact Verity and setup an appointment to have them examine you and determine your constitution.

Here at iCode,  we developed a mobile application that lets individuals  quickly lookup foods and displays the properties, nature, and effectiveness  as they relate to their specific constitution.

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