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iCode Arcade Spinner Ultimate USB Gaming Controller for MiSTer FPGA, Windows, Linux and more


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Premium quality handheld arcade spinner gaming controller with features that will blow your mind!

Connect it to your PC, Raspberry Pi, Mac, Android, or MiSTer to play Spinner style retro games. The iCode Arcade Spinner Ultimate  feels even better than original spinner controls on games like Arkanoid, Breakout, Tempest, Pong, Kaboom, and more.

The iCode Arcade Spinner Ultimate can work with almost any emulator that supports mouse or analog game controls. The high resolution controller inside is unmatched in its precision as it provides fine touch controls with lag-free play thanks to its powerful 133Mhz dual-core cpu delivering near zero response rate. Even better, you can fine tune the sensitivity and acceleration to fully control the feel of the controllers spinner. With high resolution of 600 positions per revolution and exclusive iCode technology, you can decide how much you want to spin and how fast to get from one side to the other in your games without loosing any precision!  Other spinners may let you control resolution but without acceleration control you loose precision even when you don’t spin fast.  With iCode’s exclusive technology, you get ultimate precision with slow spins while you can get all the way to other sides of the screen with faster spin motions instead of having to spin extended rotations.

Batch 1: Sold out. Shipped July 12th.
Batch 2: Sold out. Shipped July 19th.
Available on August 8, 2024
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Unmatched Features:

  • Large 50mm premium quality pure metal alloy spinner has the weight and feel of real arcade spinners
  • Grip pattern on the metal spinner provides ultimate spinner grip eliminating accidental slips
  • Perfect fit for left or right hand with curved edges
  • Nice balanced weight for great feel and weight for spinner, yet without being too heavy overall
  • LCD screen for easy menu driven configuration and real time response
  • Powerful Dual-core 133Mhz processor delivering unmatched responsiveness with practically zero lag.
  • 2 Large illuminated arcade buttons
  • 8 programmable buttons (6 on top, 1 on each side) to set off any of 32 gamepad or 5 common mouse buttons.
  • Mouse Emulation including left, right, middle, back and forward buttons
  • Analog Gamepad Emulation can emulate left stick, right stick, d-pad, or a rudder control
  • Horizontal and Vertical Axis Control with dynamic ability to use both axis during game play! – iCode Exclusive
  • Advanced Acceleration settings allow ultimate control depending on spin velocity (how fast you spin) without looing precision.  Game Changing iCode Exclusive Feature!
  • Sensitivity Control allows you to control amount of rotation (how much you want to spin) to get from one position to another.
  • Combo hot keys that let you dynamically change settings (such as acceleration, sensitivity, emulation modes, and more) in real-time during game play!
  • Adjustable Rapid fire option lets to decide how fast rapid fire will work for each button.
  • Switch between right and left hand configuration with buttons automatically flipping their actions in Real-time
  • Can be easily disassembled for Arcade Cabinet use.
  • Supports second spinner (iCode or Arcade1UP) on included logic board (for arcade cabinets)
  • USB-C port and wire included
  • Built in Bricks mini-game (similar to breakout) with amazing game play directly on the units LCD display
  • Easy to update firmware with new capabilities as they become available.
  • No batteries required

Compatible with Emulation Station, Retropie, MiSTer, Batocera, Retroarch, and more.

Quick Overview Video:

MiSTer Setup Guide:

Configuration options review plus gameplay on Top 25 Arcade Spinner Games:





Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 5 in

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