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iCode Uno Atari Joystick, Paddle, Driving, and Trackball USB Adapter, Plus Edition


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Connect an Atari joystick, 2 Paddles, a driving controller, or a Trackball with this device to your USB port and play with your emulators.  No drivers needed. Works great with RetroPie, Windows, Mac, Linux, MiSTer FPGA, and Android!

Works with standard single button and dual button Atari Joysticks.

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Connect a Atari joystick, 2 Paddles, Driving, or a Trackball Controller with this device to your USB port.  Your system will recognize your Atari equipment as standard gamepad, keyboard, and mouse ready for you to use with your emulators and games.  Small screen shows mode your ports are in and reacts to your movements. No drivers needed!

Additional buttons on the device allow you to hit button combinations that you can map to other game pad buttons and keyboard keys to handle functions like Start, Select, Reset, etc..  Eliminates need to use keyboard to select and start you games.

Works great with Windows, Mac, Linux, RetroPie, MiSTer FPGA, and Android!

The unit also supports single button and dual button Atari Joysticks.

Does not include joysticks or paddles.


Weight 4 oz

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