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Odroid USB Wifi Module 5BK

WIFI Module 5BK uses Realtek RTL8821CU as WIFI Module 5B, so it is 100% compatible. IEEE 802.11ac/a/b/g/n WLAN and Bluetooth combo module with on-board 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz Dual band antenna.  No longer needs a CD-ROM mode and no longer required usb-modeswitch tweak making it configuration free!  Just update your OS to the latest versions.
  • Realtek RTL8821CU chipset
  • Dual-Band 11ac 1×1 with 64/128/152 bit WEP, WPA/WPA-PSK,WPA2/WPA2-PSK securities
  • Frequency Range: 2.4-2.483GHz ; 5.725~5.825GHz
  • Support WLAN Standards: IEEE802.11ac/a/b/g/n
  • Transfer Speed : ~200 Mbps
  • Support Bluetooth 2.1/3.0/4.2 (No BLE)
  • USB 2.0 High-Speed host interface
  • Antenna Gain: 2dBi
  • Dimension : 28 x 16 x 7 mm
  • LED for WiFi Link Activity
  • Frequency Range: 2.4-2.483GHz ; 5.725~5.825GHz

Odroid M1S with 64GB eMMC Storage and 4GB or 8GB DDR4 RAM

The ODROID-M1S is a single board computer with a wide range of useful peripherals developed for use in a variety of embedded system applications.

The SOC in the M1S is the RK3566, which is the younger sister of the RK3568 used in the original M1. The CPU has four ARM Cortex-A55 processors with low power consumption and high efficiency operation at 2Ghz. The CPU and GPU performance is quite similar to our ODROID-C4.

8GB of LPDDR4 DRAM Memory and 4GB model for reduced cost are available.

ODROID-GO Ultra Clear White or Dim Gray

ODROID-GO ULTRA is a new gaming system focused on high performance and development. Its architecture was designed based on our powerful ODROID-N2+. OGU’s exterior and LCD size are the same as OGS, but the internal core components have been completely redesigned. The OGU PCB shape is identical to the OGS, but it has a totally different circuit design and requires a heatsink to cool down its more powerful CPU.

ODROID-GO Advance Black Edition Clear White or Black, DIY or Preassembled!

ODROID-GO Advance is an amazing handheld game system running your favorite gaming software on a bright 3.5″ TFT LCD screen with great resolution of 320×480 . The LCD has a cover glass for full protection. The unit comes with a 3000mAh rechargeable battery for many hours of game play.

The unit comes in both DIY kit or pre-assembled with SD card for instant game play.

ODROID-GO Super Clear White or Dim Gray

ODROID-GO Super hardware design is upgraded version of the OGA . The LCD size changed to 5 inches with a tempered cover glass and, resolution changed  to 854×480 pixels. New OGS has a 4000mAh battery. You can continuously play games for several hours depending on back light brightness.

The OGS is pre-assembled in our factory instead of being a DIY assembled kit. Since there is no built-in slow wireless connectivity, support for a faster USB WIFI+BT was improved. Now the micro-SD card slot is push-push type (spring eject).

SATA Mount and cable kit for Odroid M1

A single native (non-USB) SATA 3.0 port on the ODROID-M1 is provided for use with a 2.5inch HDD or SSD NAND Memory storage device. This SATA interface delivers near 500MB/s of sequential access. The SATA mount kit contains a SATA Data cable, a SATA Power cable, and a mount plate with some support screws. However, since the SATA power port doesn’t have a 12Volt power rail, a separated external 12Volt SATA power supply is required to use a 3.5inch HDD

Odroid USB 3.0 eMMC Module Writer Adapter with HS200 Mode

Easier and faster way to flash your OS image into the eMMC Module. With this unit, you will not need a separate USB card reader. Just attach your eMMC module directly to your PC/Mac via this writer board.

– USB 3.0 Interface
– Native eMMC 8bit wide data interface, instead of slow SD 4bit width
– Works in HS200 mode
– Windows / Mac / Linux Compatible
– Works with ODROID Orange, Red and Blue eMMC modules
– Use with Etcher or Win32DiskImager software on your PC
– It can’t access the eMMC hidden boot blocks
– Rated Power : 5V/500mA (including eMMC module)

Odroid M1 Case Olive Gray

A sleek and cool blue metal case  to protect your ODROID-M1 board.

The metal cover is made with aluminum extrusion that has an abrasive blasted surface texture and anodized blue finish. It can be securely docked to the ODRID-M1 heatsink frame via sliding slot. The front and rear side covers were made with gold plated PCBs.

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