What is Eight Constitution?

Long period of studies and research have shown that human beings can be categorized into 8 constitution (body type) and according to each constitution, they will have different diet, different way of exercise and treatment. The constitutions are the different patterns of organ relations and they are grouped into 8. Everyone is born with a certain constitution out of 8 possible patterns. It is one's own physiological destiny designed by God even before one is born. If one lives a life as the way he is created, he will remain healthy. If one does not, he will suffer. To know one's own constitution is the KEY to one's own well being.

We all sense that everyone is born different

Consider food for an example. One person drinks a glass of milk and feels a boost of energy yet another may head straight to the toilet with diarrhea. One person feels much better when they avoid eating meat; another feels so weak that they can't function well if he tries to be a vegetarian. Another example is with the drug. When penicillin was first introduced, it was praised as a gift from God. Yet people came to realize later on that penicillin could potentially be as fatal as poison for some people. This is due to difference in constitution. Certain drugs may be effective only for certain constitution but not for all. Why? The answer is simple: We are born different

People are not created equal. We all have distinct personalities and preferences as we all have different blood types, fingerprints and genes. "Eight constitution medicine" explains that it is because the characteristics of the elements that constitute our body are different. There are ten major organs in our body which are composed of 5 solid and 5 hollow organs and they are responsible for the healthy function of the entire organism. When the ten major organs are functioning properly in relation to each other as they are constitutionally designed to do, the person feels well. However, when the natural harmony between organs loses its proper balance, the person does not feel well.

Disharmony between the organs

What causes this disharmony between the organs which was in proper harmony when we were born? People do not live the life as they should! They eat the wrong food; pursue the wrong career; live in the wrong housing; take bath the wrong way; etc.... The ignorance of one's own constitution will lead to a life style that eventually causes the disharmony between the organs. The wrong diet is so far the major etiology of 8 constitution medicine.

Correcting the disharmony

The best way to correct the disharmony between organs is to use acupuncture (8 constitutional acupuncture), regulating the five element points of each meridian of the ten major organs. General acupuncture points are not used since they do not have a direct command of the organ Force. Herbs can be used for the preventative purpose. After patients are treated, they are instructed to live their lives according to their own physiological destiny (constitution).

Strengthen your natural healing power

If you eat right according to your constitution, you will maintain optimal health. If not, you will not only become weak but even your health can be seriously deteriorated. Foods not only function as daily source of energy but what you eat constitutes you and build up your immune system.

Foods according to your own constitution will strengthen your natural healing power (immune system) which will protect us against all kinds of disease, but foods harmful to our constitution will weaken our natural healing power and make us susceptible to disease. This is the reason why you need to know your own constitution.

Individual constitution can be categorized into 8 different patterns of constitutional physiology as well as general physiology, in order to live a healthy life.